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Code Redman Ltd - Privacy Statement

Valid from May 2018

We respect your privacy. To prove this we are committed to playing our part in maintaining your privacy by not collecting any of your personally identifiable information.

Our website does not use cookies, that’s why we don’t ask you to accept them.

If you send an email to us, we will respond to any specific request or question in that email. Your email address will not be used for marketing purposes. We do not run any mailing lists.

We have never collected any data relating to a user's personal information and, from May 2018, our apps will not embed any third party SDKs that gather personally identifiable information for any purpose.

We publish apps on the Apple App Store. Apple Inc. have their own privacy policies and we recommend you read them.

We have used third party advertisers to generate income from apps before the current versions. We do not have access to personally identifiable data from any of these third parties. You should approach them directly if you have a concern or question about the use and storage of your personal information. If you are using an old version of our app, and have concerns over the use of your data, we have listed the third parties here:

• HyprMX Mobile LLC

• AppLovin Corporation

• Chartboost, Inc.

• Apple Inc.

• Google LLC

• Facebook, Inc.

•, inc.

• Medium Entertainment, Inc. (trading as PlayHaven)

• Flurry, Inc. (now owned by Oath Inc.)

• Grow Mobile, Inc. (now owned by Perion Network Ltd.)

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